Actor Yomi Gold's marriage crashes again

Wednesday, 04 January 2023 35

He has two kids from his previous marriage to Victoria Ige. Nevertheless, in 2019, their union broke down.

Yomi Alore, popularly known as Yomi Gold in Nollywood, has announced his divorce from wife Meenah.

In a post shared via his Instagram page on Tuesday, Gold revealed that they decided to part ways because "love" had died in the relationship.

In his words, "me and meenah decided to go our separate ways.I want all our families and friends, fans to understand. This is no time to judge anyone. When love dies in relationship, no one should force it. I want to use this time to thank everyone who has been very concerned and supportive.

He wrote that Meenah was a good person and deserved better.

"Meenah is a good person.. she doesn’t deserve a man like me. She will make a great and loving partner to a far better person than me. I am not perfect.. I will work on myself and be a better person. This as to be published because we want everyone who knows about us to be aware of our decision. Time will be good again."

The actor has two children with Victoria Ige, whom he had previously been married to. But in 2019, their marriage broke down.

The actor and Meenah later got married in January 2022. In April of the same year, they gave birth to their first child.

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